Bonnie Woo(Chinese :Zhengou Wu 吴郑鸥)

  • Artist, and professional Fashion photographer . Based between  Beijing and Paris. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Master of Fine Art; further educated in Film and Trans-media, VIA University College, Denmark. 

  • Winner of China Top 20 New Emerging Photographer Award, China Photographer Association (2017).

  • Resident artist in Besancon National Academy of Fine Arts, France (2017).

  • Shanghai Fashion Week Official Photographer.(2018)

  • AWOW Aquatic International Fashion Week Photographer, Denmark (2017).

  • Beijing International Film Festival Official Photographer.(2014--2016)

  • Cooperated with many celebrities international and domestic, many works published on major and mainstream exhibitions, magazines and online media, Exclusively interviewed by the largest photographic meida- “Se Ying Wu Ji” of China.

Collaborated Brands

  • By Malene Birger (Demark),   Lakor (Demark),   Rains (Demark),  

  • Beijing International Film Festival,

  • Shanghai International Fashion Week,

  • AWOW Aquatic International Fashion Week,

  • CCTV Channel 10 (China Central Television )

Collaborated Celebrities


Mizuhara Kiko (Famous Actress, Model, Japan)

Joan Chen (Hollywood Actress and the Academy-Award Jury)

John Woo (Hollywood Famous Director, Face-Off,  Mission Impossible 2)

Stephon Marbury (NBA and CBA Basketball Player, USA)

Jessica Jung (Famous Singer, Actress and Fashion Designer, South Korea)

Chun Wu (Actor and Singer, Brunei)

Baron Davis (NBA Basketball Player, USA)

Vivian Dawson (Actor Model and Host, New Zealand)


Cui Jian (Super Rock ‘N’ Roll Star)                     Fan Wei (Famous Comedian)

Cai Guo Qing (Famous Singer)                           Wang Qing Xiang (Actor)

He Bing (Famous Actor)                                      Rosamund Kwan (Actress, HK)

Sunny Wang (Actor, Wang)                                Gavin Gao (Actor)

Song Ning Feng (Actor and Model)                  Yang Di (Actor and Host)

Ke Da (Screenwriter and Actor)                          Liu Lu (Actress)

Amber Kuo (Famous Actress and Singer, Taiwan)

Li Ping Bin (Famous Cameraman, Taiwan)

Godfrey Tsao (Actor and Model, Taiwan)

Isabelle Huang (Singer and Actor)


  • Top 20 New Emerging Photographers Award, China Photographer Association, 2017.

  • Nominee for Best New Emerging Photographer of Wu Ji Journey of Exploring Best New Photographers Award, 2015.

  • Outstanding Young Photographer Cultivation Plan Award, 4th International Photo Biennale, JI NAN, China, 2012.


  • Top 20 Contemporary New Emerging Photographer Exhibition, Zhe Jiang Art Gallery, Zhe Jiang Province, China, 2017.

  • College Art Exposition, Guang Zhou, China, 2017.

  • 8th Performance Art Festival, Besancon Academy of Fine Arts, France, 2017.

  • 85s Chinese Photographer Exhibition, Ping Yao International Photo Festival, Shan Xi Province, 2017.

  • China and Foreign Young Photographers Joint Exhibition, China Photo Gallery, Beijing, 2017.

  • China and Foreign Young Photographers Joint Exhibition, Xin Jiang Tekesi International Photography Exhibition, Yi Li, China, 2017.

  • China Photographic Art Festival, Beijing, China, 2016.

  • Wu Ji Journey of Exploring Best New Photographers Exhibition, Beijing, 2015.

  • 5th International Photo Biennale, JI NAN, China, 2014.

  • Nachtwey, Koudelka and Uelsmann with 40 Chinese Photographers Exhibition, Tian Jin, China, 2012.

  • 4th International Photo Biennale, JI NAN, China, 2012.

Collaborated Movies

《My Other Home》(Chinese: 我是马布里)

《The One》(Chinese : 绝世高手)

《In Exile 》(Chinese: 在流放地)

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